It has never been more important for those in the real estate industry to develop and maintain a strong online presence.  In the era of user friendly company giants like Redfin and Zillow, earning trust and leads fall heavily on an agent’s ability to create an online presence that is easy to follow and communicate with. Business websites like The Close¹, Inman², FitSmallBusiness³, and Market Leader⁴ are all saying the same thing: a handle on the digital sphere is crucial. Specifically, for a personal real estate business, or a small developing agency, online presence revolves around 3 core principles: 

  • Quality 
  • Exposure
  • Commitment


Capitalism lifts up product quality through competition, and with it the expectations of consumers skyrocket. Consumers expect high quality in any market area, not because they’ve become picky or spoiled, but because high quality and well-crafted products have become the standard. When consumers identify a product or service that does not appear to be high quality, they lose trust, quickly. Your online presence is no different. Quality is of the utmost importance, without meeting the high standards of the industry the trust of a potential client diminishes significantly. Nobody is going to actively choose the service of an agency or individual who can’t keep their trust, especially when there are plenty of other options to choose from. A well-designed website that’s easy to navigate, understand, and overall just looks pleasant is the benchmark standard. This quote from Benjamin Ross of Mission Real Estate Group says it all: “More than 90% of buyers begin searching on the internet. You need to have an internet presence. This is a long-term goal, so you must start right away[…]³” If your online website doesn’t look clean and trustworthy, it lacks quality, and will lose trust. 


You could be the fastest runner in the world, but if you don’t go to the olympics and beat Usain Bolt, you aren’t actually the fastest runner in the world. A brand needs to use all the digital and online tools (alongside other non-digital options) available to create as much exposure as possible. A few of the best methods include: 

  • Networking by finding mentors and community groups that share real estate goals through online platforms
  • Contacting leads through finding FSBO (For sale by owners) listings online
  • Farming; only working on the real estate of a specific (small) geographic area
  • Publishing original content through platforms like a website or agency specific blog

Getting your business out into the minds of potential sellers becomes exceptionally easier with an effective online presence. Build the opportunities for your value to be seen. 


Right, we get it, give 110% always and forever. Maybe, but 110% isn’t even mathematically possible and simply saying “give it your all” doesn’t enhance someone’s understanding. Real commitment is about utilizing every available method to further achieve your perspective of success. That could mean a lot of different things. How much time can you spend on your business? Could you be committing more time? When you do work on your business, are you being productive? Do you have the solid foundational online presence to be able to expand and grow? Have you utilized the online tools that will allow your business to be seen? It’s not just about getting a coffee, sitting down, and working through the pain. What have you done to “work smarter, not harder”. Setting up and strengthening your online presence through well-developed websites, strong content output, and trustworthy communication and management need to be at the forefront of your commitment to your business, because when it’s not, you end up putting 110% effort into a cause that won’t grow at the same speed at which you work.

These principles are the important aspects to understanding when creating and developing a valuable online presence. There’s a lot to do and a lot to commit to when you work for success. Eleven34 Media can play a crucial role in an agent or agency’s success online. When it comes to trustworthy online media, Eleven34 easily handles it all. We use these core principles when establishing the online sphere of a client and understand the connection between consumers’ attention to quality and the growth that it creates for a clients’ business. When you let us manage your online presence, it unlocks the potential for you and your business to spend a significantly larger portion of attention and effort on the things that truly drive the business; clients. Find out how we can build, strengthen and manage your online presence at our Services Offering page.