Creating dynamic and memorable content to promote brand awareness both for individuals and companies, large and small is a must with today’s trending online market place. We specialize in video creation, printed publications, websites, creative copyright, social media content, and promotion.

A favorite of our clients is our Complete Online Strategy Package, which is our all-in-one marketing solution for driving traffic and increasing brand awareness. It includes SEO performance and the ability to create your entire information architecture from your website, social media, blog, inner communications, and more.

Our goal is to make your brand to be the first thought in the minds of your target audience; memorable and “the only choice.”

Creative Design

You have a thought that needs a little salt and pepper, our creative team will make you sizzle.

Social Media Manager

Just like a kitchen needs a chef, online platforms require a manager to make for a smooth process.

Brand Manager

Brand Managers are the presentation masters who display your expertise and show off your good looks.

Content Strategy

Churchill once said, “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” Don’t worry- we have both. 


Full Service Print Shop

Call us Gutenberg! Printing available for any situation. Large format or small, single copy to  thousands, paper or plastic, we provide it.


Creative Copywriting

Words express so much, they articulate our desires, needs and wishes, this is a critical part of the recipe.

Videos Created

Active Clients

Written Articles

Cups of Coffee

Brand Awareness

Exposed & Identified, Watch Me!

Your brand reflects yourself and your values. Branding is everything. One satisfied consumer is a customer for life, and in-turn they become advocates. Be the brand they can’t survive without! Today, it’s not enough to have an excellent product or service. You must stand up with purpose and have a relatable culture, your brand must represent this consistently. 

Content Creation

Content is King, Right!?

Interactive imagery is dominating online platforms. Articles intended for coaching and developing, convert consumers into buyers and then into advocates. In a trending online environment that seeks more knowledge; consistent, short & long form written, and visual story telling & video is an absolute for online consumption.

Social Media Management

Float Like a Social Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee!

The game continues to evolve. To draw consumers, brands must; [1.] Drive awareness across many platforms, [2.] Engage them privately, and [3.] Make the process easy! Ephemeral content, aka stories, are gaining popularity by multiples. Niche platforms are on the rise as Instagram and YouTube consider removing “LIKE” counts.

S.E.O. & Online Advertisements

Driving Miss Daisy…

We know, you don’t want to be the guy waving around your sign, and watching the traffic drive by, right? So, throw on your traffic vest and direct your customers where they need to go, right into your office- your online office that is. Our team here at Eleven34 has the skills and expertise to help you develop your business and connect to your clients.  Click below to learn how to get started.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers.