When building a brand or business, an effective content strategy is extremely important. But what is a content strategy? Content strategy is exactly what it sounds like: a strategy for your content whether it be video, photo, blog, or podcast. This content should be created to show off your brand online, communicate your brand’s values/mission, and attract customers/social media followers. There is a science behind social media, an algorithm and many minuscule details that’s why, Strategically, you must develop a schedule and timeline for your content postings. 

The quality of your content strategy will determine the rate at which your social media accounts grow. It can be challenging to grow a business with a DIY content strategy. Hours and hours of research go into figuring out the best time to post, what to post, what platform to post on, and how often to share things. Sure, you can google and find “7 best posting tips for Instagram” and that’s certainly a start, but at the end of the day, that’s not enough. If those articles were a goldmine of social media tips…you wouldn’t find them on google for free. What do they always say…if you’re good at something never do it for free? Yep.

When does free marketing limit your growth?

Can you afford to hire a media management company or a marketing exec.? That’s a question many small business owners ask themselves. Most of the time, for those just starting out, the answer is no. However, there is a method to the madness. Determine how much you CAN spend on marketing. Ask yourself, wherein my business is my content strategy the weakest? Then, shift your focus to changing that area of your marketing. Start there and branch out as your business grows. Starting somewhere is better than doing nothing at all. Think about where you are gaining the majority of your clients. Why there? What are you doing right in that area of your marketing? Build off of that and continue to grow your client base.

Eventually, you will be ready to hire a media management company or a marketing executive. Delaying that the next step in your content strategy can seriously slow your brand’s growth and your business’ reputation. You don’t want to lose forward momentum. There are many companies and agencies out there, all offering “amazing” services. Do your research and choose the company that best fits your needs. Personally, we think you should choose Eleven34 Media. We may be just a little biased…

What does marketing help look like?

Here at Eleven34 Media, we specialize in creating a content strategy that works for you. We aim to put a spotlight on your brand and enable its growth. We hope to sit down and chat with you about what you are currently doing, where you want to go in the future, and how we can help you get there. We will use our media expertise, years of market research, and creative genius to create a content strategy guaranteed to succeed. We specialize in Creative Design, Social Media Strategy, Brand Management, Content Creation and Management, Video Production, and UX Website Design and Optimization. Whether you need help in all, a few, or just one of those areas, we want to partner with you. Shoot us a message here and we’ll get started with a free consultation.