Don’t Cut Your Marketing Budget – Get Creative With It! 

It’s easier to move capital around and improve your marketing strategy than to perform the same habits and potentially lose it all. 

Slowdowns can be the ideal time for your business to thrive if you modify and reorganize things properly. Just because the economy has decreased person-to-person exchanges doesn’t mean it has to affect remote access to people. In our digital life, there are a million ways to remain connected to present and potential clients.

According to Microsoft, “Since January 31st, we’ve seen a 500 percent increase in online meetings, calling, and conferences, services have been flooded throughout the outbreak.” 

There is no better time than the present to make good of a serious situation and benefit your community. Now is the time to get creative and take hold of this moment for modernization and creativity. 

Re-strategizing your company’s marketing plan during a decline is the means for your company to take advantage of this tough economic condition and turn it into an opportunity. The coronavirus has directed society to work virtually. Thanks to modern technology and flexible employers, employees can transfer their office computers to their virtual environment at home and connect to clients with ease.

Here’s How You Can Adapt to This ‘Coronavirus’ Economy Without Skipping a Beat.

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10 Ways to Increase Your Online Awareness During the Coronavirus

1. Strengthening your Client Relations

Let your customers recognize that you are here more than ever and eager to assist in moving them forward in their goals. Offer them confidence; be present and ready to help them feel at ease. Set a strategy meeting with them and discuss an objective plan that benefits their end user.

2. Email Marketing

A great way to contribute to peace of mind and continue developing client relations is through email marketing. Send your clients frequent emails to educate them on your plan of action in combating coronavirus and the adjustments your business is carrying out to continue to connect with them and help them succeed during this time.

3. Live Streaming

Live streaming is an excellent way to bring your clients on the journey and make it feel as if they are right there in the room with you. Your video can live on for days and weeks putting your brand in front of more possible customers.

4. Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a simple approach to continue connecting with your employees and customers while maintaining social distancing. Simply log into your preferred app and presto! There are many companies to choose from, but our favorite is Zoom, we love the simplicity of the interface.

5. Creative Videos

When looking into producing creative videos or marketing vidoes, there are several options that provide you with the capability to efficiently create short and informative animated stories. This is a light-hearted option to help you remain at the front of your market. Sharing videos across your social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn is an absolute must in 2020.

6. Virtual Events

Virtual events are another opportunity to connect to the outside world and shift your business online. They are similar to and can be categorized between making creative videos and live streaming. It is a required replacement for hosting meetings, producing educational or training videos, presentations, and connecting people to your events. It’s about rearranging plans and not canceling them.

7. Copywriting

Copywriting is a highly desired trade, specifically in hard fiscal moments. An excellent alternative to set your website, social media, and email campaigns apart from the others should involve a talented copywriter.

8. Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok, to mention a few, place the world at your fingertips. According to Social Media Examiner, a six-hour per week investment of social media presence resulted in an over 80 percent boost in traffic. Outsourcing might be the key for success if you don’t have the time, but social media consistency is a MUST in 2020.

9. Subscription-Based Model

If there’s an option that you provide to your clients which includes a onetime product or service, consider changing it to a month-to-month or annual alternative. Adjusting your means of conducting business to a subscription model creates a continuous stream of revenue and slows down the urgent need to identify more customers during a downturn.

10. Take a Thorough Look at Your Target Audience’s Recession Behavior

What your clients required a few years ago may not be what they need today. The answer to being able to leverage your organization and provide for your clients lies in understanding consumer psychology and working to eliminate current fears and worries. An excellent article from the Harvard Business Review that can help shed light on this.

*Bonus – 3rd Party Credibility

Being able to have someone else speak highly of you goes much further than your own opinion of your business. Having another company write intentional 3rd party objective articles about your business will definitely set you apart from your competitors. Have a look at, they are a ad free news based service.

There are many paths to choose to operate in the evolving business ecosystem. Make the intentional choice to set your business apart by following a few straightforward steps. If you feel overwhelmed or unsure of exactly what to implement first, contact one of the companies below and consult with an expert. This is not a moment to freeze, but to run straight for your goals. This virus is only a bump in the road, how big a bump is what we are still uncertain of. One step at a time. All the best on your 11 step journey.

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